About Us

Who Are We?

Better Networks Solutions (BNS) Ltd was set up in 2000 to supply Enterprise and Solutions Architecture and Consultancy to UK Defence, Central Government and other Government Agencies. Since 2006, BNS specialised in security consultancy under the NCSC Listed Advisor (CLAS) Scheme. BNS has now fully transitioned to a security specialism - BNSCyber, holding senior and lead certifications in the NCSC Certified Professional Programme (CCP) for Security Information Risk Advisor and IA Architect respectively.

What We Do?

BNSCyber provide cyber-security consultancy exclusively to the MoD and Government sectors operating under the Government Security Classifications Scheme, with extensive experience working from OFFICIAL through to ABOVE SECRET

BNSCyber are committed to providing high-quality security consultancy exclusively to MoD / HMG and their suppliers, and have become one of only a handful of companies certified by NCSC to provide Security Architecture and Risk Management offerings under the NCSC Assured Cyber Security Consultancy (ACSC) Service - https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/scheme/certified-cyber-consultancy

BNSCyber provides services to a number of high profile systems integrators and MoD / HMG Departments to ensure their systems are cyber-secure and accreditable, while maintaining focus on customer capability requirements. Our services are provided across systems ranging from Official to Above Secret. In short, we believe that Security should be business enabling rather than a business constraint.

What Does Security as a Business Enabler Mean?

Security as a Business Enabler means we design and implement systems that support rich functionality, business and user requirements, while ensuring proportionate, pragmatic and accreditable security controls are in place.